Delivering a mesmerizing sound that blends the best of Kate Bush and This Mortal Coil... The Blue Hour have inherited the passion and aesthetic of 4AD’s golden years – haunting, deep, and richly melancholic with seamless production”

Big Takeover Magazine

The Blue Hour, heirs to that magic pop of the 80s in which Cocteau Twins had so much to say, transmute, and seduce, now, can be found in the Blue Hour. … Their evanescent melodies, while transcendent, ask for passage through fire, make way to your heart and are placed in the chamber of your brain, so that they are fired again and again, again and again ...”

Rooted Sounds

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Latest News

Album Release 

The Blue Hour is set to release its new, 11-track album, "Always," on October 27, 2017. Between now and then, we will be releasing singles and videos. 

Rare Acoustic Show 

On September 3, 2017, the Blue Hour will be playing a rare special acoustic show supporting the symbolist folk act, In Gowan Ring. We will play stripped own versions of new songs and a handful of reimagined material from the first two albums of romantic dark folk.We might even throw in a couple of cover songs. Stay tuned.

“Many fragile and lunar emotions flow from the music, always on the razor’s edge, on the verge of going under at any moment, but that keep a proud and vengeful poise.” ”

— Heimdallr Magazine

We are falling fast, with the mindless focus of rumbling missiles, through thunderstorm clouds perhaps, into a world not quite known, a lost tribe’s lament perhaps. The perfect mix of crystal clear voice, a whirlpool of beguiling strings all engaged in a somber interplay with smoky disturbing electronics. As the entrance into the band’s latest collection ‘ Awake’ this sets the scene for an evening of temptations and enchantments. ”

NBT Music Radio

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